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BAVLIO™ Dual Arc Lighter

BAVLIO™ Dual Arc Lighter

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The Tesla Of Lighters

Light Up Forever

Dual Arc is 50% electric and 50% butane. It has the power of a blowtorch. And it never runs out.

You can use it as many times as you like and it’ll still produce a powerful, unwavering flame.

This is your forever lighter - talk about value for money!

Plus, no need to keep on buying plastic lighters that trash the environment. Light up the green way!

The Mightiest Lighter On The Planet

Powered By Plasma Coil Technology™

Want to really impress your friends when they ask for a light? Dual Arc harnesses the power of plasma technology to create a truly MASSIVE, white-hot flame.

With a consistent temperature of 1,100 °C (2012 °F) Dual Arc sets alight any object it touches. Wind, rain or snow won’t stop Dual Arc’s flame from doing its job.

You’d best warn everyone to stand back as you unleash the beast . . . or Dual Arc is fully adjustable if you need a flame that’s a little more manageable!

“Amazing lighter! The flame is awesome, it's windproof which is amazing, so much better than the old plastic lighter I had! I love this, thank you Infinity Lighters!”

- Alexis A.

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