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Worlds Strongest Pocket Laser

Worlds Strongest Pocket Laser

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The World's Smallest Handheld Laser 

The Pocket is a durable ultra-lightweight stainless-steel laser with an adjustable focus.  This laser is designed to be carried comfortably with you every day. With a weight of only 43 grams; you won't believe how tiny, yet powerful, the pocket is until you get your hands on it!

Unbelievable Power to Size Ratio

Don't be fooled by its size. The pocket laser is strong enough to emit 800-1000 milliwatts of laser power. Thats enough power to light kindling and ignite matches without pinpoint focusing!

The pocket is powered by one small rechargeable lithium 10440 battery and runs continuously when powered on. The power button is located at the base of the laser.


Satisfaction Guarantee

As one of the most trusted handheld laser suppliers, we always ensure top-notch quality of all of our products.



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